Karen answers Judy

Comment by Judy on October 19, 2008 2:18 am

Hi Karen,
Reading answers and the questions asked of you has become a daily event for me. I have you in my favorites and if I miss a few days I have to catch up. I think you should put all these answers and questions in a cliff note or book. I find you addicting, well, your writing and answers. The child molester creeped me out as well as Dennis from awhile ago. How does your doctor feel about all this? Is he pissed? I mean with you answering questions and not him. I hope he doesn’t hate you. If anything he should be loving you more or kissing the ground you walk on.


Dear Judy,

It’s nice to hear that you return to our site daily.  Thank you for putting us in your “favorites”!  That means a lot to me.  I know there have now been quite a few questions answered here.  Maybe someday someone will put them all together in the form of a book… that would be nice.

The child molester and Dennis were two intense comments.  I can understand why they creeped you out, they creeped me out, too!  What’s most important is that they chose to write and show the world that there are people out there who are part of the problem, and not part of the solution. But each question asked here deserves an answer.  I would rather the question be asked than harbored and later acted upon.

Dr. Baer supports my answering the questions here.  He reads every question and answer, and he doesn’t get pissed off.  My answering these questions not only helps me by allowing my voice to be heard, it helps him and our book be better understood.



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