Karen answers Richard N

Comment by Richard N on October 19, 2008 12:31 am


Absolutely fascinating book! After reading it I sat back and wondered where your mind took you for comfort when you were a child? What brought you enjoyment? What made you smile? What kept your mind from frying? What did you wish for back in those days? What could have caused you to end your life when you were young? What do you wish for these days? What would cause you to end your life these days?

You are a true miracle, stay well, keep talking, stay safe, keep well.


Dear Richard N,

Thank you for your compliment! And thank you for sitting back, after reading Switching Time, and taking a moment to wonder more about the child I was and how I made it into adulthood.  I know there are many guestions of why and how and what and where.

I haven’t thought much about these things.  Sometimes I would dream and fantasize that someone loved me and treated me nicely and took me traveling with them around the world. I gained moments of happiness watching some television shows such as Lawrence Welk, Lassie, Father Knows Best, My Three Sons, and many others that represented families that loved and cared for each other.

As a child, I believed I was meant to die; however, my alters prevented this from happening.  This actually frustrated me.  These days I wish for someone to really love me as I love them.

Thank you for believing in a true miracle.  This means a lot to me.  I will continue to try my best to keep sharing, stay safe, and be well.



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