Karen answers Sam

Comment by Sam on October 19, 2008 12:36 am

I read that you were a multiple mom. Did you hear about the show coming out about you. At least it should be your story. Who stole your story to do this? Are you suing?  Sam

Dear Sam,

Yes, I was a multiple mom, and always did my best to be a great mom.  I have many stories to share about being a multiple mom!  I have heard about a show coming out this Fall about a mom who suffers from multiple personality disorder, but haven’t seen the show or any reviews of it.  If there is a show, it isn’t about me.  Dr. Baer and I haven’t agreed to any show, at least not yet.  The show you may have heard about may be fictional and is not related to, or stolen from, our story, Switching Time. Therefore, no need to sue anyone.

Thank you for your compliment.  Dr. Baer and I would love to help with a project like this.



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