Karen answers Stanley

Comment by Stanley L. on October 17, 2008 12:03 am

Karen, Was your past experience of abuse related to interracial relationships with different cultures and ethnicities that resided in your old neighborhood? Could this be reason for your fathers prejudices in lieu of creating a black alter? How did your fathers racism effect your view on all ethnicities? Of what race and decent are you? Stanley

Dear Stanley,

My past experience of abuse wasn’t related to interracial relationships.  My parents were both white and my abusers were white.  Abuse doesn’t happen in any particular culture or ethnicity; it can happen anywhere. My father and grandfather were the most prejudiced men I’ve ever known.  I chose to be different.  My mind created a black alter to protect me from being prejudiced.  As a child I believed I was part black.

I am not a prejudiced person.  I believe we are all God’s children.  I believe my black alter was a blessing and taught me to be open to everyone.

Thank you for your questions,



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