Karen answers Lucy 52

Comment by Lucy 52 on October 21, 2008 7:17 pm

Hi Karen,

No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, one Yes from me, My name is Lucy I am an alter suffering in Wilma from mpd. I am the only one of 14 alters who wants to integrate. No one else wants to. My core person is Wilma and she read your book. When she read your book we could read it to. Wilma told her therapist who told her your story was a croc of shit. I dont agree. I agree that integration will help us. The others now hate me and the book caused a major problem to me. I found this site when looking for you. What could I do to convince the others? I cant rest. Wilmas therapist wont listen to us alters. Claims we shouldnt be heard. Your doctor talked with all the parts so why is Wilmas doctor saying he wont?

Wilmas alter,
Lucy 52

Dear Lucy 52,

I’m sorry that you are in an awkward position within your system.  Being an alter in disagreement with your partner alters can be very stressful.  Please know that some of my alters fought in the same way.  Not all agreed when integration became a possible solution.  Changing the mindset of all  the alters within Wilma will take time.  There were many steps Dr. Baer had to take in order to even suggest integration.  It took time for each alter to build trust and be confidant in the greater purpose for which they each were born.  As a child, each of my alters had a job to do, but as an adult there was no need for these same duties to be performed.  After a while, during therapy, one by one, they accepted that integration was the best choice for us all to become one.

I believe Wilma read Switching Time because she is interested in getting well.  I’m not sure why Wilma’s therapist is adamant and refuses to believe in Dr. Baer’s treatment and my healing.  It’s hard to know why his opinions of my story are so strong when he doesn’t really know anything about it.  I hope he at least reads Switching Time before making another judgment and sharing his pessimism with his patients.

Thank you for sharing with me. I believe the others inside you are just frightened and fear integration, as my alters once did.  These feelings may pass as understanding is accomplished.

I wish all of you a safe journey to wholeness.



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