Karen answers Professor

Comment by Professor on October 21, 2008 10:38 pm

Have to review your book! Incredible! Overwhelming! Powerful! Honorable! Hopeful! Encouraging! Irresistable! Inconceivable! Invincible! I know theres more words to describe this book! I could go on and on. Your mind, Karen and Richard Baers mind must have been in constantly challenged! Richard Baer is genius! Karen is brilliant! Two souls merging together to figure out the impossible, integration. Two minds, one journey, you both make the psych world more interesting.


Dear Professor,

What a joy to read such a wonderful review!  Thank you very much, you made my day!  Dr. Baer and I truly appreciate your comments!  I am glad to hear you believe in our story and that it makes the psych world more interesting.  The mind is very complex and fascinating!   It’s amazing and interesting; I learn more each day.

It’s true, the therapeutic relationship Dr. Baer and I shared was intense and difficult.  We were both constantly challenged.  My healing took a long time.  Dr. Baer’s strength eventually rubbed off on me and together we were able to accomplish an inconceivable once in a lifetime journey. 

Thank you again for all your compliments. 



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