Karen answers Leaf

Comment by Leaf on October 22, 2008 5:22 pm

Hi Karen,

I viewed all the videos and read all reviews. Richard Baer did a great job in writing the book and you are doing a great job answering all our questions. I had a thought about your true identity. Why arent you visible to the public eye? Are you ashamed of who you are? Is Richard Baer ashamed of you? Us people need to see real people and you are real right? If you arent pretty or photogenic it doesnt matter to anyone. Can you add a picture of yourself and of Richard Baer here?

Best of luck in your future, Leaf

Dear Leaf,

Thank you for viewing our videos, reading all our reviews and especially for your compliments on Dr. Baer’s writing and my answers.  I’ve kept my identity guarded because I didn’t wish to draw attention towards myself or my family and friends. What is important is sharing my story in hope to help others with their own personal journey.

I am not ashamed to have survived a horrific childhood nor ashamed of surviving MPD.  This is who I am.  And I believe I am a stronger woman because I am a survivor.  Dr. Baer is not ashamed of me, either.  He is proud of all that we accomplished together and never once made me feel less than the survivor I am.  And, yes, I am real.

What I look like is not important.  I am just one woman who decided to share her story.  But we’re not avoiding being more in the public eye, we just haven’t been asked to make more appearances than we already have.  For now, if you view our videos or read some of our many articles you will see a glimpse of the both of us.



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