Karen answers Not Finished Mary

Comment by Not finished Mary on October 23, 2008 8:47 pm

Hi Karen,

Does Dr. Richard Baer still treat MPD patients? Where is his practice located in Chicago? How do I make an appointment to see him? I was diagnosed six years ago and my therapist died four months ago. I am still mourning but wish to continue the process that he started. I don’t like the replacement therapist. My deceased therapist was great like your doctor and I miss him so much. My therapy was working until his sudden death and now we are screwed. I have three alters left to integrate out of ten. If this happened to you what would you do? Please advise?

Thank you,
Not finished Mary

Dear Mary,

I’m sorry that your therapist has passed on.  I can only imagine how devastated you must feel.  How terrible to be in the middle of treatment and lose the only person who had been there for you in the way you needed most, your therapist.  I am not a therapist myself and can’t advise you.  Please don’t give up on your therapy.  I can understand how hard it might be to learn to trust another therapist so soon after your loss.  I’m sure your new therapist will be just as concerned over your well being as your original therapist was. Please give your new therapist another chance. If, after awhile you don’t feel you can build trust with the new therapist, please seek help elsewhere.  What’s most important is talking with someone who is qualified and to receive the appropriate help you need to move forward.

I can feel your pain.  I’m not sure what would’ve happened to me if I lost Dr. Baer.  I can’t imagine having continued on.  However, as hard as it is, please know that your therapist would’ve wanted you to get well and survive.  Please think of all the hard work you both accomplished so far!  You have integrated seven alternate personalities!  You’re almost there!

Unfortunately, Dr. Baer no longer treats patients.  I’m sorry about this.  I’m sure there are good therapists everywhere; find the right one for you.

I wish you a safe, continued journey and hope to hear from you again.



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