Karen answers Sister Mary Frances

Comment by Sister Mary Frances on October 26, 2008 1:04 am

Dear Karen,

I met a woman on the train who was reading your book and sobbing. I asked her if there was something wrong? She said, We all have strengths and weaknesses, this book is a very special book, for it identified my weaknesses, the woman in this book wanted to heal and give of herself to help others achieve their dreams. She said this woman came into my heart. This stranger told me to pick one up that she thought it’s reading most important. I did and wish to talk with her again. Don’t remember her name? We talked for twenty minutes about this book and when I exited the train I picked one up at the bookstore three blocks away, guessing curiosity at this strange meeting got to me? God works through each of us to learn. The conversation began as many do? Is something wrong? Can I help? When you witness someone like this it’s hard to turn your back.

Normally I would never dare buy a book like this. I am a nun. I am appalled by the church where you schooled and attended. I will pray for all. Situations influenced you to make decisions you were not sure about. Trust your own thoughts and go with them. I believe God has spoken through you, to all those who read your story. What happened to your soul when the spiritual underlayment was destroyed and a part of your “whole” being was missing, was horrific?

I pray for you to grow, it’s a wonderful feeling, your efforts will bring you everlasting love.
God bless you,
Sister Mary Frances

Dear Sister Mary Frances,

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story!  I can visualize this meeting.  How nice to know you took the time to ask a woman in need if she needed help.  This is how we all should be.  I am glad to hear there was a very encouraging conversation between you and this passenger who happened to be reading my story.  I, too, believe there is a reason for everything.  What are the chances of this happening without God’s help?

I am surprised that you read Switching Time.  You are kind to share that you felt appalled by the school and church I attended.  However, it wasn’t the fault of the school and church, it was the fault of those few members who abused me under God’s name, in God’s house.  I was reluctant to tell anyone, because who would listen to me when a priest and policeman were involved.

I always try to trust my own instincts but sometimes fail at this. I believe I’ve been fortunate to have someone look out for me.  Dr. Baer has been my mentor, and whenever I messed up he was there to help me understand what I’ve done wrong.  I’ve been far from perfect.

I’ll continue to pray for all those who suffer from the pain of childhood abuse.  It’s not easy living with a heavy heart.  Maybe it’s true that God has spoken through me.  I share my story hoping to help others.  I just wish it wasn’t so hard to do.  My story does have a happy ending though, for I did survive.

Thank you for your blessings,



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