Karen answers Trevor

Comment by Trevor on October 25, 2008 4:13 pm

In your mind do you hypothesis multiplicity? Were you easily hypnotized before, during and after integration? In your opinion, Did you recoil quickly after your sessions? Is this book an hyperbole, exaggeration? Very mesmerizing, well written.


Dear Trevor,

I no longer think as I did when I was a multiple, but sometimes wish I could turn off my thoughts to maintain a sense of calm.  I don’t believe I was easily hypnotized.  I was too guarded to be hypnotized before building trust with Dr. Baer.  I’ve never had been hypnotized since integration.  There was never a reason to be.  After each session with Dr. Baer I was exhausted and but I come back to where I needed to be quickly.

I wish I could say that Switching Time was an exaggeration, but it was not.  Unfortunately, my story is true.

Thank you for your compliments.



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