Karen answers Long Distance Friend

Comment by Long distance friend on October 28, 2008 3:44 pm

Dear “Karen”,

I wanted to thank you for giving me “Switching Time”. There are some elements in it that shed new light on my own life. The specificness of your memories are like what his memories are. My memories are much more impressionistic. The writing style you have allowed me to step outside of myself at a time when I really needed a break from my inside management. I love you even more now!

Some favorite moments:

I could relate when Holdon was saying how stressed he was trying to keep things functioning. The constant worry that someone inside would ‘out them’. The disputes about who was going to do what.. and the inevitable prefernces of someone who preferred to be ‘out’ or ‘in’. The gender issues when someone knew they were the opposite gender of the body and how frustrating that was.

When you found the tie to give to D. Baer.

Agreement is so precious. To find something that everyone liked and appreciated is such a treasure. What it made me do was enjoy all over again, the wonderful gifts you gave me and the girls. How completely appropriate… how full of love and appreciation. *smile* I get all teary just remembering all over again.

The ending

That’s the you I’ve met. The one after all the tears and stress and challenge of healing. I can enjoy you more now because I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet all the ones who kept you safe all those years. And I can appreciate you more because I’ve been blessed with healing too. I know the struggle to keep it all together and the bewilderment and the weariness of getting from one day to the next.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.



Dear Friend,

I am happy to hear that my story has touched you and has shed some new light into your own life.  I also appreciate you sharing your favorite parts of Switching Time.  It’s really nice to hear you paid attention to all the little details that made my alters come to life and be experienced as they really were.  I am amazed at how well you understand my overall experience.

Thank you so much for sharing your warm thoughts of my journey with Dr. Baer.  Thank you for bringing a smile to my face and believing in me. I am blessed to know you, too!



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