Karen answers Dr. A.J.K.

Comment by Dr. A.J.K. on October 29, 2008 4:54 pm

This is an amazing book of one doctor and one patient. It’s one of a kind, never has there been anything written such as this story. A truly remarkable addition to every psychology student and professor’s library. All who read will be taken on a once in a lifetime journey to the inner workings of the mind of one multiple personality patient and the mind of her therapist. A beautifully intense read. This book proves there are doctors who take the extra steps and do the right thing by taking on an extreme case, holding the rein and not letting go. As for Karen, what a patient to not let go and give up on the therapy. In the psych. world not many can tolerate such intensity for so many needed years of psychoanalytic based sessions. Unbelievable and worth reading!

Dear Dr. A.J.K.,

Thank you so much for your review!  Dr. Baer and I truly appreciate all of your kind thoughts, medically profound comments, enthusiasm and compliments.

You have made our day!



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