Karen answers Simon

Comment by Anonymous on October 31, 2008 8:11 pm

First, a word about my own perspective on the practice of psychiatry. Itʼs hogwash! Raised in the Roman Catholic tradition I began my professional study in psychiatry after completing undergraduate work in philosophy. My studies included critical examination of christian scriptures. There is no such mention of this illness. I work from the conviction that it is my professional responsibilty to ask critical questions about the nature and function of your therapeutic relationship with Richard Baer MD and his diagnosis. One might legitimately ask whether my background might lead me to compare other illnesses using my own background experience as some sort of standard. I have sought to set up categories of this claimed diagnosis for comparabilty that privilege no particulars. I draw from a broad spectrum of concepts, and in no instance engage in the comparative evaluation of truthful claims on multiple personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder. I conclude and question. I am equally convinced that human beings are incapable of accomplishing dissociation to this extreme. Karen inflates her human capabilty beyond science. One of the most useful tasks we as humans could all relate to is understanding the reality of how and why each of believes in what we do.


Dear Simon,

I don’t really understand all that you’re saying, but from what you’ve said, it seems to all be about you.



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  1. Hi Karen,

    It sounds as if Simon is at the beginning of a career, which will not be terribly useful to those of us with DID. He might try to consider that for many of us dissociation is a gift from God and one which kept us alive.

    The book ‘Switching Time’ was liberating for me. Thank you. I believe in your experience – it brings hope for mine.

    Simon, are you scared that God might have allowed a phenomenon which reaches beyond science and outstretches even you. I am curious about your sentence, “I conclude and question.” I wonder if you are open to the answers?

    I agree with Karen in that what you have written is incomprehensible – I only hope you are more easily able to build a rapport with patients.

    Karen, Best wishes,


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