Karen answers Xandra

Comment by Xandra on October 29, 2008 5:43 pm

Dear Karen,

In spite of all that you and Dr Richard Baer went through do you feel as if this was an accomplishment or not? If you were to know what you know now would you still make the decision to integrate or not? I have been diagnosed with mpd and my therapist gave me your book to read. I donʼt want to accept my diagnosis but have to be realistic. I do wish to heal like you but have my doubts. Did your therapist give you books to read? Which books?

Switching Time made me come to terms with my own diagnosis. I am inspired by you to do what I need to do. The only difference is I donʼt feel my therapist is the right one to accompany me on my journey? How did you know Dr. Richard Baer was right for you? How long did it take to know? I am in therapy for two years now, once a month.

Thank you,


Dear Xandra,

I’ve always felt that all Dr. Baer and I have gone through was an accomplishment.  I’d make the same decision to integrate today.

Accepting your diagnosis of multiple personality disorder and working with your therapist on becoming whole through integration takes many steps and can only be accomplished after building trust with your therapist.  If what you are sharing with me is true, then in my opinion, you may not have fully bonded and built trust with him. You may not be seeing him often enough.  It’s hard to embark on an intensive therapeutic process only once a month.  Be realistic and trust your own instincts, even if this means seeking a second opinion.  Always remember, this is your life and you need to do what’s best for you.

Dr. Baer never suggested any books for me to read, but then, there weren’t any books like Switching Time to describe such a treatment.  Dr. Baer and I stayed focused and dealt strictly with my own inner world without any outside influences that could’ve been suggestive and confused our work. There was already too much alter chaos going on within me, and I didn’t believe I would ever heal.  During therapy I tried a few times to read or view something on MPD, but instantly felt ill and stopped.

I am glad to hear Switching Time is helping you come to terms with your own diagnosis.  In the beginning, I didn’t know Dr. Baer was the right therapist for me, but we worked hard together to establish trust with my alters.  All this took time, patience, and a commitment not to give up on each other.  I wish you all the best.



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