Karen answers Betty Joanne

Comment by Betty Joanne on November 3, 2008 11:24 pm

Hi Karen,

HELP! Where is everything at? I couldn’t find the Good Morning America interview, the alters picture, Richard Baer’s picture, the hard cover picture and other stuff that was on the website before. I feel like a idiot? I was trying to show people about your book and couldn’t find any of what I was looking for? It was there months ago where is is now? It needs to be put back on!

Desperately trying to save my sanity. I wasn’t seeing things!

Betty Joanne

Dear Betty Joanne,

I’m sorry!  You weren’t seeing things!  Everything you described is on the website, but our website is divided into two sections at this time. We’ll try to combine these two sites soon.  What you are looking for is on www.switchingtime.com.  Where you are right now is www.switchingtime.wordpress.com.  WordPress is the blog site that allows us to get readers’ comments and answer them.  I know this is confusing, it confuses me, too!

Thank you for sharing Switching Time with others.  Dr. Baer and I appreciate your enthusiasm.



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