Karen answers Jean

Comment by Jean on November 2, 2008 11:37 pm

Hi Karen,

It sounds as if Simon is at the beginning of a career, which will not be terribly useful to those of us with DID. He might try to consider that for many of us dissociation is a gift from God and one which kept us alive.

The book ‘Switching Time’ was liberating for me. Thank you. I believe in your experience – it brings hope for mine.

Simon, are you scared that God might have allowed a phenomenon which reaches beyond science and outstretches even you. I am curious about your sentence, “I conclude and question.” I wonder if you are open to the answers?

I agree with Karen in that what you have written is incomprehensible – I only hope you are more easily able to build a rapport with patients.

Karen, Best wishes,


Dear Jean, 

I agree!  I tried to answer Simon’s comment, but I couldn’t understand where he was going with his words.  I believe he was trying to make sense of an illness for which there hasn’t been much information.  I don’t believe Simon was looking for an answer from me.  I believe he was stating his own opinions. 

I, too, hope that Simon is able to build rapport with his patients; I especially hope he keeps some of his opinions to himself.  How horribly devasting it would be for a MPD/DID patient to confide in him and hear his incomprehensible views.

Thank you, Jean, for your kind thoughts and compliments.



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  1. Dear Karen,

    Hi, don’t you find there is such stigma attached to DID? And how do you describe what is going on for you even if you wanted to try and tell someone other than your therapist? If i met with a professional who even hinted that he didn’t have a clue I would be devastated!

    Karen, I haven’t begun the process of integration because I have been too scared! Having read your account my ‘others’ have been far more willing to appear in therapy and I have begun drawing them. It feels spooky to me but my therapist takes it all in his stride and makes it feel very manageable.

    I take hope from your story even though I feel so very alone.

    I seem to stumble on your blogs at random so excuse me for taking so long to reply.

    My best wishes for your continued well being.

    Jean x

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