Karen answers Someone Who Cares

Comment by Someone who cares on November 2, 2008 1:37 pm

Karen Overhill,

In your old multiple world who was the alter responsible for making decisions and keeping you safe? Who is responsible since integration? What kept you alive these years and what could kill you these days? Has anyone betrayed you? What about Richard Baer? In analyzing Switching Time it is my belief Richard Baer did. I personally witnessed the amazing you, the power behind your healing must be dealt with indefinitely, forgiveness is inevitable, and betrayal is not acceptable. Stop trusting him. I personally know him and heʼs not being honest with you.

Someone who cares.

Dear Someone Who Cares,

Do you really?  I appreciate your overall concern regarding my relationship with Richard Baer.  But if you truly personally know me and Dr. Baer, which I doubt, then you would be empathetic and understand how difficult our journey together has been.  Dr. Baer and I worked very hard together to share our therapeutic journey so that all would understand the difficulty treating seventeen parts of one woman.

I’ve been betrayed before, but not by Dr. Baer.  I trust Dr. Baer.  Why would he betray me now after all that we’ve accomplished for almost twenty years?  If you truly know Dr. Baer personally, as you claim, and you believe he is being dishonest with me, then I’m sorry you feel this way.  Dr. Baer nor I share your concerns regarding each other.  Without knowing what you are referring to, I feel you are being dishonest with me and I refuse to be manipulated by you.



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