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Comment by T on November 1, 2008 1:54 am


What kind of drugs do you take for mpd? How long were you on these drugs? What an inspiring life journey you encountered. How did you control the alters intake of medication/? What if you overdosed when two or more alters would take the same dosages?

Thank you.


Dear T,

In my opinion, for I am not a medical doctor and can’t give advice, I do not believe there are any prescription drugs that would help anyone with MPD/DID.  In my case, prescription drugs only masked my illness. I realized this early in my therapy and decided never take any prescription drugs long term.  As a matter of fact, I rarely stuck to the prescriptions Dr. Baer prescribed.  Sure, I would have them filled, bring them home, and set the bottles in the medicine cabinet, where I took them inconsistently, if at all.

I believe Dr. Baer tried his very best to find something that would help my suicidal thoughts, severe depression, and lost time.  I admired his efforts, but I knew the medications weren’t helping me. I never did share this fact with Dr. Baer, because I feared being hospitalized.

I believe there is no better treatment than simply talk therapy.  My alters decided no more drugs, with the one exception of a mild anti-anxiety medication, taken as needed, and not often, for those times I was in great distress.

Most of my alters never took medications or made major decisions.  My alters were created in order for me to function at my best, in every area of my life, even through in an altered state of mind.  Each alter had to function within their given purpose.  My alters made sure all precautions would be made to avoid alter chaos within my inner world.

Thank you for being inspired by my life story and for your challenging questions.





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