Karen answers an Anonymous Comment

Comment by Anonymous on November 3, 2008 5:55 pm

Dear Karen,

Are you registered to vote? Can you make one complete decision after reintegration of your alternate parts who each had different opinions? When you integrated you wrote you had a part of every alter inside you. I am curious if itʼs hard to make decisions. Is there a continued conflict when making decisions? Are you conflicted about the presidential vote? What would you have done if the alters were around, vote or not vote or vote many times? In the book or somewhere? I read about when you were worried about jury duty. Was it because of alter conflict? I would love to access your mind. I bet itʼs fascinating. Donʼt forget to vote!


Dear Anonymous,

Yes, I am registered to vote and it was the first thing I did this morning!  As a matter of fact, I also escorted four voters to the polls who were too ill to drive themselves.  I am one woman and made one decision based upon the facts as I know them.

Of course, there were times when it was hard for me to make a decision, but this was no different than anyone else who weighs the pro’s and con’s before commiting to something they believe in.  When my alters were active, most usually did not make any final decisions.  

I had no problem deciding who to vote for.  The amount of information and exposure in this election was overwhelming and gave all of us more of an opportunity to learn about our country.  Of course, I voted once!  There’s only one registered voter under my name, and that’s me.

Regarding my decision not to attend jury duty.  This decision was during a time of my not being able to control how my alters would react if the case happened to be one of child abuse, sexual abuse, or something similar.  I was afraid I’d lose time or switch to an indecisive alter.  I feared if accepted on any particular case that deserved punishment, my switching alters could bring on a hung jury and dismissal of a case.



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