Karen answers Blanche

Comment by Blanche B on November 2, 2008 6:04 pm

Dear Karen,

Thank you for this book! I couldn’t wait to write to you and your doctor. What an intimate journey between doctor and patient. I am feeling overwhelmed with joy reading how the two of you bonded and healed. I can imagine the dual healing experience. Richard Baer must have been going through his own journey to wholeness alongside yours. It should be written in the book that Dr. Baer had to learn about himself in order to help you. He could not have helped you without healing himself first. Is he healed yet? It was very interesting reading about his own personal struggles alongside yours. In the real world no one is unscathed when in any relationship. In some of your answers to previous questions you take ownership of all hurts. No way, you must not take ownership to all, it takes two, you and the doctor.

How come you guys aren’t doing book tours? Checked it out online. I was shopping at a store and asked where to find Switching Time and was told it wasn’t sold there because of its contents? Don’t get it.

Blanche B

Dear Blanche,

Thank you for sharing all of your thoughts on our journey.  You are right, the therapeutic relationship Dr. Baer and I shared was a very intimate and respectful relationship, as all therapeutic relationships should be, and we continue to share a close and respectful friendship.  It takes a very special doctor and a very determined patient to survive, bond, build rapport, respect, and trust to heal and accomplish all that we have.

I’m sure Dr. Baer has gone through his own personal journey during this time, however, he didn’t share that with me. In his training Dr. Baer went through his own psychoanayis to become a psychiatrist.  But I’m sure he also learned a lot about himself while taking care of me.  I believe Dr. Baer did a great job, and I’m very grateful that he accompanied me on my journey to becoming one.

I’m sorry if it appears that I apologize often and tend take ownership for every hurt that comes my way.  This is not my intent.  I am highly attuned to all that surrounds me.  I can’t help myself, this is who I am.  I know there are two sides to every relationship, and that I am not always the one at fault. 

Dr. Baer and I are interested in doing book tours, we just haven’t been asked to do more lately.  Dr. Baer has done many radio interviews in the US, and we have traveled to Amsterdam and Antwerp.  We hope to get the chance to travel together again. 

I’m not sure why the book store you went to didn’t carry Switching Time because of it’s content. We’ve not heard this before.  Is this bookstore censoring books for its customers?  I hope not.  Please check another store or order on-line.  Dr. Baer and I appreciate hearing from you.



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