Karen answers Jen

Comment by Jennifer on November 7, 2008 9:15 pm


Who do you trust besides Richard Baer? How do you decipher what to say or not say? Last question: Do you make mistakes?


Dear Jen,

I trust myself.  You can usually count on yourself for good advice by trusting your own instincts.  Besides Dr. Baer, during the last ten years I’ve also come to trust a few close friends.  I believe it took building trust with Dr. Baer first, learning my limitations, letting go of past hurts, having faith, and taking chances, before I was able to trust anyone else.  I’ve made a few mistakes in trusting since then, too, but at least I’m able to try!  All in all, learning to trust again has been very rewarding.  For someone like me to trust anyone is a sign of growth and peace.  I will continue to be cautious, and this is how we all should be.

Of course I make mistakes: doesn’t everyone?  The most important lessons I’ve learned came from making mistakes.  When mistakes happen, and they most certainly will, I try to fix it rather than figure out who to blame.

Thank you for your questions,



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