Karen answers Mia

Comment by Mia on November 7, 2008 7:21 pm

Dear Karen

It’s no wonder you accomplished surviving. Your parents didn’t make you who you are today. It is so wonderful to hear you beat the odds and survived what most abused children don’t. Your abusers should rot away in hell. If all that happened to you happened to me I would’ve died or kill someone when I was old enough to realize what was done. Knowing what happened to you must have been hurtful. How did you forget the pain? If your abusers were still alive would you consider killing them now for destroying your life?

I admire your strength, Mia

Dear Mia,

I understand your thoughts on my parents.  You are right about this.  I believe I survived beyond comprehension because my mind fragmented and developed alternate personalities.  I am not angry, but grateful I had this inner help until I found help in Dr. Baer’s office.

I’m sure whatever was meant to happen with my abusers, in the afterlife, has been done. I once thought of killing my abusers, but just thoughts.  What would’ve that accomplished?  I couldn’t kill anyone.

I admit, my life has been filled with many hurts. I’m still healing, and it’s hard for me to let go all the emotional pain.  However, in order to move forward and become the woman I am today, I’ve had to let go my hold on the past.

Thank you for admiring my strength, that was nice of you,



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