Karen answers Mr. Johnson

Comment by Mr. Johnson on November 3, 2008 2:57 pm

Hi Karen,
What in your opinion do you think about other people who claim to be like you? I read other books like Herchel Walkers story, First Person Plural, Sybil, Three Face of Eve, the movie, and more. Switching Time is the best book by far! I kept reading to find a worthwhile explanation to satisfy my nagging questions of how to understand my great aunt
ʼs claim of mpd. I found all my answers in Richard Baers book of your story. I can stop torturing myself with crap. Thanks for bringing truth about this medically questionable, hard to comprehend illness. Much appreciate you and Richard Baer.
Thank you, Mr. Johnson.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

In my opinion, there are many ways people experience trauma. I haven’t read all the stories you mentioned, and I can’t say whether I believe them or not.  Pain is pain, no matter how you write about it.  I tried my best to share my story hoping to help others realize what can happen to a child who is abused, and how one such child, myself, grew to survive.  I hope Dr. Baer’s rendition of our story brings an understanding of this illness to everyone.

Thank you for sharing that Switching Time made a difference in your understanding MPD.  This is what we had hoped for!  I am glad you found the answers to your nagging questions.  I admire your determination to learn more about your aunt. 

Thank you for all your compliments, and especially for caring about your aunt.



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