Karen answers GTG

Comment by GTG on November 8, 2008 3:35 pm

You ruined my life. I had my counselor in a trance until he read your story. My counselor didnt know much about DID which made it easy to fake. Why did you bring this illness into the light? are you stupid? you got any idea how this book will destroy old bonding between doctors and patients? I will state no doctor should read Switching Time. I chose to have this disease when it was pretty rare and to different to find anything on. I claim DID after a life of absolutely notta single day of abuse. I tell my counselor I was hurt. My counselor soothes and hugs me and I get the attention I need.

Wallah. Presto. Bingo>>>>>>>>GTG

Dear GTG,

Thank you! If I ruined your life because I shared my story in Switching Time, then it was well worth it!  Why would you want to deceive your counselor who is trying to help you?  Don’t you have a conscience?

Do you have any idea what it’s really like to have suffered from childhood abuse or trauma?  Do you have any idea what it’s like to lose time?  In my opinion, you should start from the beginning with a qualified therapist and figure out why you are faking an illness just to be soothed and hugged.  This is not only attention seeking, it’s disrespectful and manipulative.

Dr. Baer and I brought our story to light in order to help doctors and their patients come to a better understanding of this illness. I highly doubt Switching Time will destroy any therapeutic relationships between a doctor and a patient.

I’m glad to know your counselor has read Switching Time.  I hope your counselor reads this blog and figures out this is you.  Now that your counselor realizes you’ve been misleading him all along, it’s time to fess up and be honest.

I wish for you to be well, stop faking, come clean, and ask for forgivness.



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  1. You know GTG, people like you give those that actually have DID a bad name. There are many psychiatrist and therapist in this world that don’t believe in DID and then for you to prey on your therapist because you need attention is wrong.
    There is so much I would like to say to you but then I feel like maybe you are seeking attention on this website too. I am just going to say I agree with Karen, you need to come clean and get help for the attention seeking.

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