Karen answers Sgt. Roy

Comment by Sgt. Roy on November 12, 2008 1:09 am

Why didn’t you share your sons military experience in Switching Time? Itʼs Veterans Day! Is he a vet? How did you cope during his service to our country? After everything in your life how did war wear on you?

Sgt. Roy

Dear Sgt. Roy,

Best wishes on Veteran’s Day, to you and all who served our country!  Thank you for recognizing my son’s service on this very important day!  Yes, my son is a Veteran and has served in Iraq.  He is home now and doing his best to continue his life.

Of course, it was hard coping while my son was away for five years.  However, I am proud of all he has done.  These years were met by me one day at a time.  I never sat and worried about him.  I knew all was in God’s hands.  Yet, I did worry about who he’d become when he finally arrived home.  War is hard on all families, not just mine, and I worried about what trauma he suffered while overseas.  During my son’s years in the military, I coped in the same survivor mode I did while healing, and tried my best to look forward, not behind.  Each new day was a blessing and one day closer to his return.

Thank you for serving our country, and for your caring questions,



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