Karen answers Violet

Comment by Violet P. on November 11, 2008 5:22 pm

In your early childhood years were any of the alters known to other people? What were your interests as a child? What did you wish to become? Were any other parts of you interested in art? What kind of art did you remember working on as a child? Anything left from those days? I find you inspiring and am interested in what fond memories you experienced through the magic of the many artists in you.

Love the book, love your willing to share, love you.


Dear Violet,

Thank you for these questions. During my childhood years some alters were known to other people, but it’s a bit hazy and I’m not sure of this.  What I do know is that my alters were created for me to appear normal throughout the day.  There may have been times a slip could’ve occured, and I’d may have been questioned about why I did not remember something or why I appeared inattentive.  I believe during these times there was either another alter out, or I was in the process of switching.

As a child I was artistic in many ways.  Once I wanted a house for my Barbie Doll and with little money I built one myself.  I found an old wooden box, sanded, stained, varnished it, and found everything to decorate it in detail. It was amazing!  And yet I hid it in the attic under a blanket and worked on it in private.  I feared it would be taken away or thrown out.  I remember the carpet samples I obtained from the hardware store, the plexiglass windows, contact paper walls, gumwrapper accessories and popsicle stick sanded furniture.  In high school, I gave it to a friend whose little sister never had toys, and she fell in love with it.

I have always enjoyed art.  Maybe some day I’ll start again.  Most everything I had made I gave away or sold to make ends meet, and I only know where a few things still are.

I may have suffered terrible trauma but I do have many fond memories that kept me believing in a greater good. If I hadn’t had any fond memories, I surely wouldn’t be here today.  We all need to be creative in our own way.  For me, art and music brought me peace and a sense of calm during a horrific childhood and chaotic inner world.

Thank you for finding my story inspiring,



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