Karen answers J.H. Chaplain

Comment by J.H. Chaplain on November 12, 2008 4:30 pm

To be among those who turn the world upside down must leave you in a very lonely position. To be unique is more than a statement. To believe or not to believe must be the question asked of you often. Most of us go through life feeling free to accomplish goals as one moves from childhood, young teen, young adult, middle age to mature adult. This was stolen from you. How can you possibly redefine independence with such a loss.? Has therapy helped provide you with the services needed to help you with the parts of your life that needs assistance? Have you received family couseling from Richard Baer? You have written Dr. Baer was your sole provider. You have mentioned one on one therapy is best. I find this a concern. Who is taking care of you?

J.H. Chaplain

Dear J.H.,

I never imagined I would be known as turning the world upside down!  If you are referring to sharing my story in Switching Time, as a rare occasion to “see” into the true life story and therapy of a multiple personality, then I guess your right.  It’s a glimpse into something incomprehensible and extraordinary.  It may appear to be a lonely position but I don’t believe so.  I believe it’s important to share my story in hope to help all those who suffer as I have.  Someone has to be the first.

Dr. Baer and I felt our journey needed to be shared, and it’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience.  How many other doctor and patient journeys have been documented in such detail?  It’s true, I am unique, in the same way each of us is.

I may have not been able to accomplish all that I had hoped to during my childhood, but I had dreams, fantasies, hopes, and faith in the future. This is what kept me going despite what was stolen from me.  Therapy provided me with what I needed to finally become independent.  Of course, there are parts of my life that still can use assistance.  But I believe I was able to accomplish what I needed in therapy to continue in my personal life outside therapy.

I believe that in my case it was best that Dr. Baer treated me as he did.  Whenever life became too much for me, I’d call him or seek help with my friends or elsewhere. I tried my best not to jeopardize my family by hurting them while I was suffering.  It wasn’t perfect by any means.  In my journey, this proved to work for me and my family.



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