Karen answers Monica

Comment by Monica on November 16, 2008 6:17 am

Hi Karen,

I am writing you today to ask you if I can send you something personal.  I am hoping to give you something to hold as a silent reminder of Godʼs love as you continue to answer us.  Itʼs people like you who step forward and help others who need the most help.  There are people who suffered like you who are desperately needing to escape the horror inside themselves. You may be their last hope.

I am praying for you,



Dear Monica,

Thank you!  That is so sweet of you to wish to send me something to hold on to as a reminder of God’s love!  I really appreciate your kind thoughts.  I know you have good intentions, but I don’t think I should accept any gifts.  It’s just in my best interest to keep my personal life discreet. I can accept your good wishes, prayers, and kind thoughts through this blog.  And I am grateful for them.

Thank you for believing I am of help to others.  I know there are many who suffer from emotional pain and are in need of help.  Dr. Baer and I are glad that Switching Time can be of help.  That is what we’ve hoped for.

God bless you,



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