Karen answers N. McCormack

Comment by N. McCormack on November 16, 2008 2:24 am

What a way to bring forth a great deal of understanding to a complex condition. The book Switching Time has shed light on not only abuse, dissociation, trauma, religion, survival, illness but prejudice. How were you able to change the learned behavior regarding prejudice? Did you express your changed belief with your father? What would he have done to you if you befriended a black man?

N. McCormack

Dear N. McCormack,

Thank you for all your compliments! I guess you’re right!  Switching Time does seem to shed light on much more than MPD.  I am glad to hear that your experience in reading our story has brought you understanding.

Prejudice can be hard to undo when learned so early, but I accomplished this by reversing my father’s prejudice and creating Jensen, an alter of color to balance my thoughts.  Since I was in part a person of color myself, how could I be prejudice?  I’m not sure how else to explain this.  I hated that my father was not only abusive, but prejudiced.

What would my father have done if I befriended a black man?  I’m not sure.  I believe he may have threatened, injured, or killed the black man, and then further abused or maybe even killed me.  I’ve never judged anyone.  All people deserve to be respected.  I made sure never to share any of my friends with my father.



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