Karen answers Mike

Comment by Mike on November 20, 2008 4:34 am


This book tapped into my own past. I knew I was abused but never dealt with it. I am fifty six years old and don’t believe I could correct anything now. The problem is I have been ill from a physical back disability. The pain caused depression. The depression caused my past to come out. I need to take care of the depression but don’t want to address my past. What would help me, therapy or no therapy? Why dig it up? Is there a point? I am too old for this shit!

I trust your advice because I read your answers to other people and know you won’t tell me off.


Dear Mike, 

Don’t be so hard on yourself; you are never too old to start therapy.  What’s most important is to bring peace and harmony back into your life.  Seeking counseling with a qualified therapist will not only help you but help those close to you.  I can understand how your physical pain has brought on depression, and also how your depression increases your sense of physical pain. This happened to me, too. It’s hard trying to concentrate on healing when you are physically ill.

Therapy helped lessen my pain. I’m not sure how, but in sharing my past with Dr. Baer, a weight lifted from me and left me with a sense of calm.  I believe the reason for digging up one’s past is to release the emotional secrets that keep us in pain and prevent us from living life to the fullest.  Please don’t give up!

May your journey be safe as you begin to heal.



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