Karen answers Craig

Comment by Craig on November 23, 2008 3:14 am

What happened to your alters when you were in the middle of divorcing your husband? Was it hard on any of the alters? What did the lawyer and judge do when presented with your case?


Dear Craig,

My alters were already integrated by the time I divorced my husband.  Therefore, the divorce wasn’t hard on my alters, it was hard on me.  I never shared the fact that I suffered from multiplicity with the judge.  I decided it was in my best interest not to.  By the time I entered the courtroom, my husband had already signed the divorce papers, and was home watching television; he had no desire to be there. On the day our divorce was finalized, I stood alone, along with my lawyer, in front of the judge, and was divorced in five minutes.

Thank you for your question,



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