Karen answers Bruce

Comment by Bruce on November 25, 2008 3:10 pm

Karen and Richard,

My review: Great work together!  The both of you made a believer out of me. MPD is real. I agree, the term, MPD is much more complete than the vast variety use of the term DID. My interest in your story comes from overhearing the strange lunchtime co-worker conversations regarding the book Switching Time. I had to figure out what these women were up to. The women never run out of what to talk about. I never heard them so chatty. It’s weird but I gain a lot of female knowledge listening to them. It’s like reading Cosmopolitan. Men need to read this magazine about woman.


Dear Bruce,

Thank you for reading Switching Time and coming to an understanding that multiple personality disorder is real. I’m glad to hear, that after overhearing a few co-workers’ conversation you decided to read our book.

It’s true, Cosmopolitan has many great articles for women, and men may benefit from reading it too, but not all men need to read it!

Dr. Baer and I appreciate your compliments about our work together.




  1. Hi Karen,

    You would think Bruce had intelligence to know that we were on to him. We purposely chose to be more chatty just to get to him. We even repeated this web address. You would think after hearing us talk he would have at least not used his real name. Bruce, we know this is you! LOL He’s a man’s man, if you know what I mean? We love him though and this is all in good fun. We think you are one the few survivors whose story had deeply touched us. We women in Bruce’s office think the world of you for sharing you harrowing story with Dr. Baer who in turn shared with the world.

    Oh, and by the way, Bruce, we set out those Cosmopolitan magazine’s just for you guys in the office, figured it would educate you men. LOL

    Bruce’s Office Women

  2. Wie gehts? Karen,

    I have read Switching Time, Bruce’s comment and the Women in his office and started thinkin what magazine’s advertise the book, any foreign? Did you interview with any? Richard Baer? Where do I find this informacion’? Last questions. What magazines do you like to read and if they called you would you let them interview you? I live in America but like to read deutsch. Will there be a book in deutsch?

    Jjezt mach ich schluss,
    Auf wiedersehn,

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