Karen answers Thankful Annie

Comment by Thankful Annie on November 27, 2008 4:09 pm

Happy Thanksgiving Day, Miss Karen.

Did you know you are on some people’s minds today? Well, you are. Thank you for sharing your life with us who hurt. I am thankful you did. I feel depressed today but will be okay because after reading Switching Time I gained faith and the courage to get help. I start therapy next Wednesday. My life by no means compares to yours, I am not mpd or did, but if you can survive I can too. How do you spend Thanksgiving, what do you do? Whatever you do today may you be happy not sad. Good day!

Love, Thankful Annie

Dear Annie,

Thank you, you are so sweet to remember me on this day, and I appreciate your kind thoughts on my sharing my story.

I am sorry to hear that you are depressed today, but I’m glad that in reading Switching Time, you have gained the strength needed to start therapy. That’s what I have hoped for, to bring awareness to others like you, to not be afraid to reach out and seek professional help, so that you too, can heal. I wish you a safe journey as you start therapy.

I love Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite holiday! It’s a time to remember all those who make a difference in our lives, a time to be grateful, thank each other, and be glad. I spent my day with family and friends, eating way too much, visiting a few patients at a nursing home, and calling those I wished to see, but couldn’t.

And, yes, it was a happy day! Thank you for asking.




  1. I am thankful you share a lot about yourself to help others and just like Annie I get depressed and think of you and all you went through. I get very teary eyed when I think of you and have a lot of questions. I have a few questions most of the rest of my questions were answered in your other answers. I can’t begin to explain how much it means to me to know you through your story. Can you share how life as a Chicago southsider in Catholic school was for you? Were you involved in sports and activities in your school? How were your relationships with the nuns? Are any of them still alive? What do you remember about Catholic school and the church? Are you still Catholic? Do you still go to mass at the same church?

    Caroline Jane

  2. Karen,
    Hi. I’ve not read your book. I just came across it on Amazon. And saw your note, to ask you a question, if I wanted to. I think I’m dissociative. No, not think. I am. There are entire years of my life that I don’t remember. Still don’t remember. I’m 35. My mom divorced my “dad” when I was 13. You can guess why. He was not my genetic father. Thank God. I don’t know how sick I’d feel if he were. Sick about who I am. Hmmm… I just am amazed that I’ve seen probably 4 different therapists. All 4 knew about my past & DID never came up. Not once. I just happened upon it. And, the lack of memory really seems to stand out to me. I’ve often thought, how can a person who was considered “gifted” in school have no memory of such huge sections of her childhood? Am I an idiot? Am I losing my mind? Why can’t I remember playing soccer? Why can’t I remember our house on Coral? Such huge gaps. Even though I’m no longer devastated by what happened to me. And, I know my value is my value and what happened to me has no impact. But, I still can’t recover those memories. Then, when I got married, my mother wanted me to forgive him & invite him to my wedding. Unbelievable. Now, I can’t trust her. She’s my mom. hm. I can’t trust her with my most fragile parts. That’s horrible. anyway, I have so much more to say. But, enough for now, I think. I think I need to find a therapist who specializes in dissociation. How will I know when I’m “healed?” Normal? Over this? Is this why I have so many highs & lows? I’m happy. Mostly. Then, down. For no reason. Is this why?

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