Karen answers Caroline Jane

Comment by Caroline Jane on November 29, 2008 7:24 pm

I am thankful you share a lot about yourself to help others and just like Annie I get depressed and think of you and all you went through. I get very teary eyed when I think of you and have a lot of questions. I have a few questions most of the rest of my questions were answered in your other answers. I can’t begin to explain how much it means to me to know you through your story. Can you share how life as a Chicago southsider in Catholic school was for you? Were you involved in sports and activities in your school? How were your relationships with the nuns? Are any of them still alive? What do you remember about Catholic school and the church? Are you still Catholic? Do you still go to mass at the same church?

Caroline Jane

Dear Caroline Jane,

Thank you for your kind thoughts on my answering questions.  I truly hope that my answers are of some help to those who also suffer from depression and life changes.  I’m glad to hear that most of your questions were answered through my blog, and you can ask more questions here as they come to mind.  Sharing my story is my way of helping others.  I believe we all need help, and by sharing, we all learn from each other. I continue to learn more every day.

Being a Chicago southside Catholic school girl for nine years was a mixed blessing.  I loved school and rarely missed a day unless I was sick or hospitalized, but I wasn’t allowed to form many friendships. Nevertheless, attending school was my escape.  The Catholic school I attended felt safe to me, at least it was the one place I didn’t feel threatened, because my abusers couldn’t get to me.  During these years, my teachers and most of the nuns who taught me treated me well and tried to provide comfort in their own way. 

Although I rarely shared that I was being abused at home, I believe some nuns may have suspected I was. Unfortunately, their ignorance about abuse allowed them to ignore signs that were clearly visible.  It would’ve been nice if there was more known about what signs to watch for in children suspected of being abused.  I believe I may have switched into my alters Elise, Claire, or Ann during school.

I’m not sure if the nuns that once taught me are still alive.  They were in their mid forties or fifties, forty years ago.  I’ve thought of a few of them and wondered myself.  I have made my peace with them.

The Catholic school I attended was small, and all extra activities such as sports, cheerleading, and band were cancelled when I was in the third grade. I remember how sad all of us students were that year. Most of the activities and peaceful memories I enjoyed were gained from the neighborhood park district where I spent most of my time after school, before my father came home from work.

Thank you for taking such an interest in my school days.  I have no ill feelings against the Catholic Church; I was abused by people, not the religion.  I no longer attend the same parish.  I have long since moved from that area and have no desire to go back.






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