Karen answers Gertrude

Comment by Gertrude on December 1, 2008 10:16 pm

Wie gehts? Karen,

I have read Switching Time, Bruce’s comment and the Women in his office and started thinking what magazine’s advertise the book, any foreign? Did you interview with any? Richard Baer? Where do I find this information? Last question. What magazines do you like to read and if they called you would you let them interview you? I live in America but like to read deutsch. Will there be a book in deutsch?

Jjezt mach ich schluss,
Auf wiedersehn,

Dear Gertrude,

Thank you for reading Switching Time.  Dr. Baer and I have been interviewed in many magazines here in the United States and also in several foreign countries. I believe you can access all these articles through Google.com by entering “Switching Time.”  We have articles in Newsweek, Grazia, Chicago Magazine, and more.  We have also been guests on Good Morning America.  Dr. Baer has been featured on The Mike & Juliet Show, Eye on Chicago, and has given many radio interviews, including National Public Radio and the BBC.

I’m not sure whether our story will be translated into German; a German publisher would have to buy the book.  However, we do have translations in Dutch, Japanese, and Swedish.  We hope to add more.

Regarding my favorite magazine, there are many that I enjoy reading, and I can’t begin to list them all.  However, I subscribe to: More, Oprah, The New Yorker, National Geographic, Travel, Family Circle and a few more.   I would love to be interviewed by my favorite magazines; maybe some day I will.


It is my hope to share my story and help others with their journey.  



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