Karen answers an Anonymous Author

Comment by anonymous author on December 12, 2008 1:30 pm

Hello Karen,

The published version of Switching Time written by Richard Baer didn’t tell the whole story, did it? There must be more? If you were to write this book yourself would it have read the same? How would it differ? What would you eliminate and what would you include? It’s an interesting book but who chose how to represent your story? Was it you or the author, Baer? Was this book written in your best interest? I don’t think so. Has anyone ever asked you for your version? I believe there is another story here, isn’t there?

Anonymous Author

Dear Author,

No, Switching Time doesn’t tell the whole story.  How could it?  Dr. Baer and I spent eighteen years working together to heal me.  It’s impossible to tell all!  And, yes, I would’ve told my story differently. I am not Dr. Baer and not a professional therapist.  I would’ve written Switching Time from a spiritual point of view.  I believe I survived on faith, hope, and love.

During my therapy, while sharing my pain with Dr. Baer, I didn’t focus on him as a doctor or psychiatrist, and I didn’t understand at first what therapy was.  I felt cared for, my alters felt cared for, and that was all that mattered.  I needed to feel this way.  If I would’ve focused on the psychiatric side, I wouldn’t have survived.  I healed strictly by talk therapy after years of building trust in the safety of Dr. Baer’s office.

I would’ve shared my journey much differently.  Dr. Baer told my story from his point of view, from all that I’ve shared with him, written to him, and all that he experienced during his therapeutic relationship with me.  Dr. Baer chose what to include in Switching Time.  I wouldn’t have necessarily shared the same stories.  There are hundreds more I would’ve written.  However, Dr. Baer felt what was shared in the final published version of Switching Time was the best representation of all that we had gone though during my eighteen years of treatment.

No one has ever asked me for my version of life as a multiple, and yes, there is another story here, and some day I would love for it to be heard.



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