Karen answers David

Comment by David on December 21, 2008 11:24 am

Dear Karen, I am writing this in response to your comment on my IMDb page.  Youll know me there as Talking_of_Michelangelo.  As I can’t find a copy of Switching Time, Ive placed an order for it.  I am a survivor of another type of abuse, and although I dont have DID/MPD, I have been involved in running a support group for abuse survivors, many of whom did.  Ive noticed above some concerns expressed that alters, once integrated, can return. Whilst I am not a qualified person, I have studied abuse and the various things it does, and I have never heard of alters being resurrected. I suspect therefore that this is not a problem. What does appear to occur, however, is that sometimes there may be alters hidden away that do not appear until much later. The difficult integration process may not succeed in integrating all alters, especially if they have not all been found. Thus if any symptoms reappear, it is very important to make an appointment with your therapist. I really applaud your attitude that alters and MPD are healing processes. I have the same view of post traumatic memories. I am in the early days of writing my own book on the subject of abuses by mental health professionals (I am a survivor of abuse by a debriefing counsellor) and so I wonder if it was nerve wracking for you to await the publication of Switching Time? Cheers, David

Dear David,

 Welcome, to our site! It’s nice to hear from you!  I’ve been reading your posts and I thought to myself you could write a book.  I enjoy reading what you have to say.

I am sorry you couldn’t find a copy of our book and had to order it.  Switching Time is available in most stores such as Barnes & Noble and Borders and can also be ordered on-line through Amazon.com and many other sites. I’m not sure as to your location, however, thank you for ordering it.  If you have any thoughts or questions, please share them here.

I am glad to hear you’re running a support group.  It’s very hard to find a safe place for those who suffer from abuse of any kind, especially for victims of child sexual abuse and dissociation.  Although multiplicity is one way to cope with horrific abuse, being a victim of abuse of any sort requires help and understanding.  Abuse is abuse. And all of us who have suffered feel similar inner pain.  I’m sorry to hear you have also suffered. I wish you well as you journey towards healing.

I, also, am not a qualified therapist, and like you, can only give my own opinion and not any advice.  It’s my hope that through my sharing people will find their own strength to move forward in their own journey.  We all learn from each other.  I agree with you, I don’t believe ex-alters can be resurrected.  Although it may be possible for another alter, who wasn’t integrated to surface, I highly doubt there’s anyone left within me.  I would be shocked, especially after eighteen years of intense therapy!  If I should ever feel “different,” I would definitely call my therapist.

I believe my alters were the best form of help I could’ve received. When as a child, left to figure out how to survive, how else could I have managed? I was fortunate my mind created my alters to protect me, but this way of coping didn’t support adult functioning.  As an adult my alters tried to help but instead caused chaos.  I continue to believe I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for “alter” help.  I’m sorry to hear that you were abused by your debriefing counselor; that is so sad.  I hope you find strength and continue your healing with another therapist that you can build trust with.

That’s great news that you are writing your own book!  I wish you the best!  Regarding waiting for Switching Time to be published, it may have been more nerve wracking for Dr. Baer, than me. For me, there was never a doubt it would happen. I had faith all would work out in due time. I always believed Switching Time was meant to be written and shared.  Dr. Baer and I were very lucky getting our book published.  Please don’t give up! You may receive some rejection letters, we did too, but in the end it’s all about persistence.

Thank you for your compliments! And thank you for sharing and writing in. My best wishes to you.



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