Karen answers Karyl

Comment by Karyl on December 15, 2008 4:28 pm

This story, your story, has shocked me. I found reading Switching Time a rude awakening to child sexual abuse in the center of families who appear normal but aren’t. This book was extraordinary and took me on a journey of realistic unimaginable proportions. Great accomplishment! All should read this book, especially psych students, professors and doctors.

Dear Karyl,

I understand Switching Time has shocked you, but writing my story this way was necessary to help bring awareness and understanding to the much misunderstood and incomprehensible illness, multiple personality disorder.  In sharing my story, I prayed that those who chose to read it would understand the truth.  I know it’s a rude awakening to see a description of child sexual abuse and what can happen to children when they are left unprotected. That is what I had hoped each reader would be left with. We all need to pay more attention to all our children.

Thank you for your compliments and for understanding the reality of how children who are sexually abused can suffer, and one way in which one child, me, tried to survive in the best way she could. I believe I’ve been fortunate to be able to dissociate my horror until old enough to deal with it in a safe therapeutic setting with Dr. Baer.

Dr. Baer and I hope Switching Time will be taken seriously and that students, doctors, and therapists will find it to be of great help in the way they treat their future patients.



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