Karen answers Sable

Comment by Sable on December 15, 2008 5:52 pm

Good morning, Karen and Richard, Best of wishes to your success and completion of Switching Time. I would like to know if you are working together on a sequel? Thank you both for contributing to medical science. I never believed any story read on dissociative disorders before Switching Time. It was written so anyone can feel what itʼs like to be a patient and how the doctor can feel when treatment is difficult. My question for Karen: How difficult was it to have your life documented? My two questions for Richard: What was the reason you decided such a story should be told? Writing the book must have exhausted both of you, who is taking care of Karen now that you are not her therapist? Wish you both continued success and sell lots more books! I bought the kindle copy. Love you both.


Dear Sable,

Thank you for your best wishes! Dr. Baer and I haven’t planned a sequel, but we would be interested in writing one.  I believe it would depend on how well sales go for Switching Time. We surely have enough information documented in order to do so.

Dr. Baer and I appreciate you believe Switching Time is a contribution to medical science. That is what we’ve hoped for.  It’s important to me that more becomes known about multiplicity. I can understand why it was hard for you to find a book on multiplicity that shed light on not only the patient’s suffering, but also how it was for the treating therapist. There aren’t many books that share what we’ve shared.

It really wasn’t difficult sharing my life with the world. But it was originally difficult to share my past with Dr. Baer.  It took years of building trust to do this.  I always worried I was too much for him to handle, and I feared he would give up on me.  We didn’t decide to write a book until all the alters were all integrated.  I never thought much of all the notes Dr. Baer took during our sessions. I admit, I often wondered what the heck he was writing down and knew he needed to do this in order to help me. I also helped Dr. Baer treat me by contributing thousands of pages of my own writing and my journals. As far as all that was written, it happened gradually. I wrote every day, over a period of eighteen years, and all was carefully documented.

I believe Dr. Baer chose to write Switching Time because our journey was fascinating: for both of us.  It was definitely exhausting for Dr. Baer to take care of me and for me to be in therapy for eighteen years.  But we did it!  We accomplished the full integration of seventeen alternate personalities.  How amazing is that!

Dr. Baer and I share a close respectful friendship, he continues to help me at times, however, most of the time I take care of myself the best that I can.

Thank you for your questions and for buying the Kindle version of Switching Time.



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