Karen answers LNM

Comment by LNM on December 21, 2008 3:22 pm

Dear Karen Overhill,

I read Switching Time twice for a complete understanding. It was interesting. But thereʼs something missing. How would you describe your life not mentioned in the book? I guess most personal family times is not known due to confidentiality but how was it like living the part of your life not written? Why didn’t you write more about regular life, the day to day experiences as a MPD person. I think if you included more about life outside the box of therapy Switching Time would be a bestseller.

Has anyone welcome you to the real world. I am right now.

Thank you, LNM

Dear LNM,

Thank you for reading Switching Time twice to receive a better understanding of MPD.  In writing this book, Dr. Baer accumulated so much information that it would’ve been impossible to write it all in one book.  Dr. Baer chose what he felt would best describe the pain and suffering I endured that created alternate personalities.  Dr. Baer knew from his experience what should be written to accurately tell our story.  I couldn’t have done this.

Of course, there was more to my life than what was written in Switching Time, however, that would be another entire book to write. We didn’t bring too much of my personal life outside of therapy into our book because we decided it would be too much to read and would distract from what we were hoping to accomplish.  In one way, answering questions here gives readers a chance to ask me the personal questions they would like to ask.  I’ll answer them the best way I can.



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