Karen answers a Male Therapist

Comment by A Male Therapist on December 26, 2008 1:54 pm


Thank you. As a therapist, who happens to be a male, it was enlightening to read your answer. As a therapist. male or female. it is not our intent to display arrogance or appear that way. Therapist’s are trained to listen to their patients and not bring their true selves into the therapy. When a patient decides on therapy it’s because they need help, and it’s our job to provide this help. I read Switching Time. I respect Dr. Richard Baer for the consistency he provided during your treatment. As for you, Karen, I am one male therapist who has learned from reading your story the depth of pain suffered from abuse. I had my doubts about MPD and have gained respect for Dr. Baer and his work. I haven’t provided care to a patient with this illness as of date, but if I ever should, I will provide better care because of reading Switching Time. I am interested in learning more.

Dear Therapist,

Thank you for your comments! I’m glad my answer provided a better understanding of how therapy worked for me.  Dr. Baer was an excellent therapist who not only provided consistency, but also provided me with the unconditional care I needed to feel safe and secure. It wasn’t easy for me to trust anyone, yet alone to share my painful past with Dr. Baer.

Thank you for respecting Dr. Baer’s work as a psychiatrist.  The illness I suffered is an unbelievable one, but it is my hope that in sharing our story, therapists and their patients will be able to work together towards healing.  Treating a patient like me can be a time consuming process, but in the end, seeing your patient become whole is a once in a life time experience.  I believe Dr. Baer was proud of his work with me.

Although you haven’t treated a patient with MPD to date, I am glad to hear that through reading Switching Time you’ve gained a better understanding of how it can be done.



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