Karen answers Ben

Comment by Ben on January 1, 2009 12:23 am

Hey Karen!

I can’t believe you actually answer questions and make comments. that is cool! I have been following your posts and you intrigue me. What the hell is going on with Switching Time? I read it and tried to buy it from seven book stores and they didn’t have it in stock. I was told they took special orders and hold it when it comes in for three days. I know this must suck for Richard Baer and you but the book is great and really should be readily available. Well, couldn’t wait and ordered three from Amazon.com to have a spare to share. Thanks much for writing your experiences for the world to learn about dissociation.



Dear Ben,

Yes, I will continue to answer questions here and through interviews. I enjoy doing this, and enjoy making comments with all good intentions to help. I am not a professional therapist and can only answer these questions with my own opinion, but I believe it’s important to help everyone understand the effects of child abuse and dissociation.

I don’t understand why it’s hard to find Switching Time in some bookstores.  It’s available in stores such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, and many more.  Most stores I’ve checked out carry a few books at a time, and only reorder after the last book is sold.  It will usually take a few days for more books to come in.  I can see how this would frustrate someone who wishes to read our book, or any book, decide to buy it, and then find the book is not readily available.  I’ve had luck ordering books on-line, too, and usually receive my choice within a few days.  Usually I’d prefer to shop in a book store, spend time looking around, maybe sit down over tea for a few minutes of quiet, just to enjoy the atmosphere.

Dr. Baer and I am grateful for each book sold, and it continues to be our hope that through Switching Time, our story will provide insight for those seeking guidance about their own therapeutic journey.

Thank you for buying three books to share!



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