Karen answers Annette

Comment by Annette Brown on January 2, 2009 2:53 pm

Hi Karen,

Why haven’t I heard about you before today? I am suffering from DID and my therapist suggests a few books for me to read, they made me worse. Twenty hours ago my friend gave me a belated BD gift, Switching Time, and boy how it helped me more then the books my therapist gave me. I finished reading it in a day and if it were cuddly I’d sleep with it tonight. I know sounds strange but I’m not psychotic. I am finding in your story that it gave me comfort and knowledge about my own life. I was abused too. I have pity parties with my alters everday. Did your therapist suggest you read any books while in therapy? You never mentioned it in the book. You made a difference to my life. I am feeling suicidal and selfish. Now I don’t want to be and will seek help like you’ve been telling us who are in despair and email you. I have an idea of what to do now. Thanks a lot. Can you explain why all DID therapists don’t know about this book?

Feeling crazy but not.

Annette Brown

Dear Annette,

I’m not sure why you haven’t heard about Switching Time until recently. We surely have had some excellent publicity!  Dr. Baer or I appeared on Good Morning America, Eye on Chicago, in Newsweek Magazine, Chicago Magazine, Grazia in the UK, and several others. There has been much publicity, but I know it’s still easy to miss, considering how much media there is out there.

I’m not sure what to say about your therapist suggesting books on MPD for you to read.  Dr. Baer never suggested any books for me to read, and I’m glad he didn’t.  Maybe in your therapy your therapist felt this would be helpful.  Although I am not a therapist and can’t give advice, I disagree with giving this type of reading to those who are trying to heal.  I believe if I would’ve read anything on multiplicity during the course of my treatment, it could have disturbed or misdirected my own personal healing process.

But I’m glad to hear that in Switching Time you have found comfort and knowledge regarding your illness. Please don’t be hard on yourself.  My alters experienced many of their own pity parties during my therapeutic years.  I have felt suicidal at many times, and like you, searched for someone who could help make a difference in my life.  I was fortunate to have found Dr. Baer.  I believe that through sharing our story, Switching Time, we will eventually reach most therapists who may be treating someone with a dissociative illness or are simply interested in learning more.

Thank you for your interest.



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