Karen answers Jerome and Leonna

Comment by Jerome and Leonna on January 10, 2009 11:34 pm

Dear Karen,

Best wishes! We read Switching Time and it’s better, by 100% than Sybil. I read Sybil two years ago, my wife read it six years ago and it horrified us but never answered our many questions. Switching Time not only horrified us but answered our questions and is superior in sharing qualified information. We learned 100% more from your story and in addition to Sybil, think we figured everything out. We have family members we know suffered as you did. This is why our peeked interest in your book. We understand more thanks to Switching Time.

Questions from us: Do you ever think of revisiting the neighborhood you once lived in? Would you allow the area to be filmed if asked? Would you go back and walk through the park? How about knock on the door and see who lives in your old house now?  Thank you!

Jerome and Leonna

Dear Jerome and Leonna,

Thank you for all your compliments!  I’m glad both of you came to a better understanding of this illness after reading Switching Time.  Dr. Baer and I have hoped to bring a better understanding to all.

Visit my old neighborhood?  Dr. Baer and I made this trip together, as described in the epilogue.  I haven’t gone back in a few years.  I have no need to; the memories are implanted in my mind.  I’m not sure of having the area filmed; it’s not my intention to bring drama and horror to the many innocent people who live in the area.  I’ve already received closure, and have let my past go.  Therefore, I’ve no need to go back.

Thank you for sharing your concerns and for wanting to help your family members who have suffered.  It’s people like you who take the extra steps to find information to help someone that leave me feeling grateful to have shared my journey.



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