Karen answers Matt

Comment by Matt on January 12, 2009 10:45 pm

Hi Karen,

I am a med student and tried to find more information on: Dr. Richard Baer, psychiatrist, Chicago? I checked on-line and what popped up was many books, sites and movie shows written by him. Do you know this of him? It’s creepy that he claims to be a writer of comic books? Will the real Dr. Richard Baer come forward to claim his accomplishment of writing your story? I admire his work with you but have to say was disappointed when I saw a picture of him looking too young and foreign to be a claimed pyschiatrist /writer. I can’t see a comic book writer writing your story. His web page is child-like, teenager at best. How can this be? There must be a mistake. Was Switching Time written by the same Richard Baer that directed television shows like Who’s the Boss? How old is the real doctor who treated you? It would be wise for him to clear the internet confusion. A respected doctor like him should not be insulted by an imposter. His book was educational.


Dear Matt,

There are hundreds of Richard Baers listed under that name, but only one Richard K. Baer M.D. author of Switching Time, my story, and Medical Director for Medicare.  I checked the internet to see what you found and you are right, there are hundreds of listings that could confuse anyone if you didn’t know the exact full name and other facts before searching. I was amazed at the coincidences with Dr. Baer’s name, but only one of them is the psychiatrist who treated me. Dr. Baer is not a comic book writer nor is he the writer/director to the series “Who’s the Boss” or any movies.  Dr. Richard Baer is a respected psychiatrist, an accomplished author, and a very caring man.

I’m sorry it was difficult to find the information you were searching for. We are in the process of updating our Web site and you will soon be able to access most information there.

Thank you for your comments, and for your compliment on Switching Time being educational.



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