Karen answers Donna

Comment by Donna on February 1, 2009 6:05 pm

Hey Karen!

You rock! Did you know there are 28,400 articles on you? I looked you up. God, did you do all these interviews? Anyways, read your story and it blew me away. I had no idea the complexity of a diagnosis of whatever you call it these days, multiplicity as you say. Does your mind allow you to process pleasure after what happened to you? In the book you kept growing during integration like coming from a child to an adult. How did your mind process the sudden changes each alter brought when integrated?


Dear Donna,

That’s incredible, over twenty eight thousand articles on me, Dr. Baer and Switching Time? No, I did not directly participate in each of these interviews. I have done many interviews, but nowhere near twenty eight thousand. I believe the way publicity works is that most reporters and journalists scan articles via newspaper, on-line or from others who reviewed our story and re-write their own version of an article in their own voice.  There are many foreign countries that receive information this way.

I agree, multiplicity is a complex illness that is incomprehensible to most people. That’s why Dr. Baer and I decided to share our journey in Switching Time. I believe we have the only book that documents the successful integration of seventeen alternate personalities from the beginning of therapy to the successful completion.

Of course my mind can process pleasure!  Although I admit it’s something I may always need to work on. Sometimes certain thoughts can trigger a moment of sadness.  At these times I try my best to understand where my thoughts came from and deal with it until the feelings pass.  Since integration, these types of triggers happen less and less often.

After each integration of an alter, there were a few days to a few weeks where I felt as if I went through major surgery.  I ached everywhere!  After each integration I’d walk differently, talk differently, and have totally different tastes in food.  I had to adjust quickly and as soon as possible.  At times I appeared to be ill.  Most of the time I suffered severe headaches.  Sometimes, I would feign illness, like getting over the flu, so as to not draw too much attention to the changes that came after each integration.

After each alter integrated, I would still be me, but with the addition of a little more of another part of me. Each time I felt closer to becoming the woman I was meant to be.  In other words, after each integration, I became stronger, healthier, and closer to feeling complete.

Thank you for your interesting questions,



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