Karen answers Edi

Comment by Edi on January 31, 2009 3:55 pm

Hi Karen,

While in the midst of family time with your children which alters enjoyed more? How did your children acknowledge each alter? How did your children handle being labeled as children of a multiple mom? Were they embarrassed because of the alters or did your children ignore the teasing of their classmates?

I am glad you survived.


Dear Edi,

You ask some interesting questions. During family time with my children, I was the Mom, and my alters only surfaced when needed during times of great stress.  When my alters did surface, my children referred to them as “Mom”, too!  My children never knew the alters by their given names.  My alters worked together to keep me safe.  I believe being called “Mom” by my children was okay and agreed upon by all of the alters within my system to protect my multiplicity in public.  What people may have noticed was only that I felt ill, tired, or in pain from a headache, or maybe a little distant.  Not much more than what you’d see in the average person.

You have to remember, the reason for switching was to protect me and provide consistency for myself and my children despite the horror that was raging within me. Most of the time the alters involved in my children’s lives were Katherine and Holdon to help take care of them, Claire, who was a playmate to my daughter, Ann, to take them to church services, Karen 2 for fun times, and so on.  There was a purpose and a job for each alter, the changes in me were subtle and losing time was taken care of with great respect for my well being.  Therefore, my children never suffered from embarrassment and will tell you I’ve been a great mom.

Thank you for your questions.  I am glad I survived, too!



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