Karen answers Angry Arman

Comment by Angry Arman on February 3, 2009 4:01 am

Hi Karen,

Ohhhhh! I am sooooo angry with the new show with the multiple mom! How dare they mock your illness! I bet most of there twisted ideas and story lines came from taking parts of your book and blowing them out of proportion! I am so mad! If I were you Iʼd go with Richard Baer to the studio and tell them off! Canʼt you see that this show is a insult to you! and Richard Baer? I personally feel bad for you both. Switching Time came out before this stupid show. The show is stealing ideas from your book. Worst. You guys probably donʼt get credit. I saw four episodes and in each one there is at least one thing that I read in your guys book. I am pissed for the both of you! Let me know if you guys need help? Iʼm ready to fight for ya!

Angry Arman

Dear Arman,

Thank you for your support, but really, I’m not angry with the show, “The United States of Tara”, because it is what it is, a show, for entertainment, and not an accurate depiction of the true illness of multiple personality disorder, now known as dissociative identity disorder.  I can understand your anger, and it touches me, however, there is no need for concern.  Although there are occasional similarities, I doubt my story has been used for this show, and any similarity is probably just a coincidence.  Neither Dr. Baer nor I ever gave permission for any portion of our book to be used in this show.  I don’t think there’s reason for Dr. Baer or I to visit the studio and tell anyone off.

I do not see this show as an insult to the illness of multiplicity.  “The United States of Tara” is meant to entertain.  Although not accurate, it will continue to bring interest to the illness.  It’s my hope to bring awareness to all. Of course there is a stigma attached to any mental illness.  That is in part why we decided to share our story.  This illness is a real illness and never should be mocked. Unfortunately it is by some, including mental health professionals.  No one can prevent these shows from continuing on.  The show is interesting.  I will continue to watch it, but not take it seriously or to heart.

Thank you for your concern, it’s nice to hear that you care.



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