Karen answers Derrick

Comment by Derrick on February 4, 2009 1:21 am


Question: Who drove the car when the others were out? What would happen when an uninsured alter drove without a license to drive? When your alter Holdon drove you all around where did he learn to drive? I am trying to understand how the knowledge of something like driving a car transfers to the entire bunch? Can you or Baer explain? Did you ever get a ticket and blame an alter? Which alter is insured? I know my questions seem foolish. Iʼm just trying to figure out the driver part of you. Crazy illness but a fascinating mind boggling way to live. Great book.

Thank you very much.

Derrick from Detroit

Dear Derrick,

Very interesting questions!  I’ll try to answer your questions in the clearest possible way.  Karen 3 drove the car most of the time, and if not her, my alter Holdon was the only other alter chosen to drive.  “Karen” is the only one insured, because whether one has alters or not, only the original physical person can acquire a license. 

I’m not sure where Holdon learned to drive, most likely the same way we all learn, by participating in my drivers education classes.  I can share a story about the day I received my license.  I had been wanting to go shopping for a dress for an upcoming wedding.  My husband never had time to take me.  I didn’t have a license to drive a car at the time.  Over lunch with my best friend I shared my frustration.  My friend dragged me to get a permit after work that day.  I walked in and took the written test, no studying beforehand, passed it one hundred percent, asked to take the drivers test, hestitated while Holdon came out, completed it and passed, walked back in where they took my picture, and received my license.  My friend drove me home, I showed my husband my license, grabbed the keys, took the car, and drove to the mall.  Just like that!  All within two hours.

There has never been a need to blame anyone for receiving a ticket, because I’ve never received one.  Multiples are very cautious in all that they do for fear of confrontation.  Whether Holdon drove or Karen 3, driving according to the rules was a must. There was only one time when a problem occurred, and that was after the integration of one of my alters.  My system was in shock from the integration and the alter who came out didn’t know how to drive and side swiped my car against a parking garage pillar.  In that case, I called Dr. Baer and he put me under hypnosis while I was on the phone and asked Holdon to come out and drive me home.

Thank you for your challenging questions. I have to say, I’m very grateful never to have been in an accident or have received a ticket.



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