Karen answers Jillian

Comment by Jillian on February 9, 2009 3:18 am


What type of things trigger you?  In the show USOTARA I didnʼt notice anything major when her alters change. In your book you said there were triggers. Do the same triggers have the same affect now? Can you name a few triggers?


Dear Jillian,

There are all kind of things that can trigger an emotional response for me.  However, when something does trigger me, the emotional reaction usually leaves quickly. I am not affected in the same way I once had been; I’ve learned to handle most my triggers.  Most of the time now, although I have a quick response to triggers,  the anxious feeling subsides almost as fast as it appears.

Realistically, there are some triggers that can cause me grief at times. I try my best to stay on the side of reality. I know that triggers come from my past and don’t belong in my present life.

What can be trigger for me?  To name a few: if I should witness someone being degraded or treated in an inappropriate way, that can be a trigger; when I feel threatened or the subject of disrespect, unpleasant feelings can trigger a response in me, being stressed can cause a trigger, and someone screaming loudly can trigger an affect in me.  

There is no way to predict a trigger ahead of time, so when it happens, I just try my best to deal with it.

Thank you for your questions.



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